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Land Use Process > City Planning Commission Reports
City Planning Commission Reports
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  Latest Update
The CPC Reports application has been enhanced to include reports from 1938 to the present.  For updated information on finding reports, read How to Search

City Planning Commission (CPC) Reports are the official records of actions taken by the CPC. For more information, read About CPC Reports.


  Borough:   Community District: 
ULURP/CP No.Project NameCDCPC Vote
C 110154 ZSX New Hope Transitional Housing BX 2
C 120044 PPX Hunts Point Alternative Fueling Station BX 2
N 120084 PXX HRA Bank Note Building BX 2
C 100036 ZMX The Crossing at Southern Boulevard BX 2
N 090393 HKX New York Public Library – Hunts Point Branch BX 2
C 070443 MMX Food Center Drive BX 2
C 080248 ZMX Hunts Point Special District BX 2
N 080247 ZRX Hunts Point Special District * BX 2
N 080284 HKX American Bank Note Company Print Plant Building Landmark BX 2
N 080230 HAX Prospect/Macy BX 2
N 070464 BDX Southern Boulevard BID BX 2
C 070009 MMX Hunts Point Plant/Barretto Point Park BX 2
C 070010 MMX Hunts Point Plant/Barretto Point Park BX 2
C 070008 PSX Hunts Point Plant/Barretto Point Park * BX 2
C 070272 HAX Fox Leggett Apartments BX 2
C 050248 HAX Prospect Avenue Tower BX 2
C 030438 HAX Tiffany Gardens Apartments (UDAAP designation and project approval) BX 2
C 030437 HAX Tiffany Gardens Apartments (UDAAP designation and project approval) BX 2

* For projects since July 2003 with multiple actions, an asterisk after the Project Name indicates the designated "lead" report. This report describes the project and all of the requested actions. It also contains an extensive summary of the public review including community board and borough president recommendations, the City Planning Commission public hearing and the Commission's consideration.

Disclaimer and Notes:

Digital versions of Pre-2003 reports were created by scanning paper copies of the CPC Reports and in some cases the source materials were in less than optimal condition. The scanned copies were processed with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to allow text searches, but in some cases the OCR search capability is imperfect. The OCR process may have resulted in the introduction of errors not found in the image of the original reports. The Department of City Planning makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information, its suitability for any purpose and disclaims any liability for errors that may be contained herein.

Because of issues with the presentation of text changes in older reports, many CPC Reports for zoning text amendments which date between 1987 and 2003 (type ZR) are not available. As these issues are addressed, these ZR reports will be added.

PDF Document CPC Reports are in PDF format. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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