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City Planning Commission Reports

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City Planning Commission (CPC) Reports are the official records of actions taken by the CPC. For more information, read About CPC Reports. The CPC Reports application has been enhanced to include reports from 1938 to the present.  For updated information on finding reports, read How to Search


    Start Date* (mm/dd/yyyy):   End Date (mm/dd/yyyy):    
    *This site includes reports voted on since January 1938.  

ULURP/CP No.Project NameCDCPC Vote
C 130339 ZSM 606 West 57th Street MN 4
N 130337 ZRM 606 West 57th Street MN 4
C 130336 ZMM 606 West 57th Street* MN 4

* For projects since July 2003 with multiple actions, an asterisk after the Project Name indicates the designated "lead" report. This report describes the project and all of the requested actions. It also contains an extensive summary of the public review including community board and borough president recommendations, the City Planning Commission public hearing and the Commission's consideration.